ChessGenius Classic

ChessGenius Classic 7.138

A World Championship chess playing program for windows
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A World Championship chess playing program. Packed with features for experts and beginners. ChessGenius made headlines all around the world by beating the World Champion Gary Kasparov at the Intel World Chess Grand Prix in London.


- Incredibly strong play
Excellent play even on the 'instant' level

- Unlimited playing levels
Ten easy levels. ChessGenius makes deliberate mistakes
Unlimited time based levels. Instant, 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec, 5 sec, ... 3 mins ...
Unlimited Blitz levels. Whole game in 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 5 min, .... 2 hrs .... The Chess Clocks count down in these levels. You lose if you run out of time
Unlimited Tournament levels. e.g. 40 moves in 2 hours
Mate solving levels and fixed search depths

- Game information
The moves of the game including variations and comments
Chess Clocks. Total White and Black time and move time
Analysis. For example, the line may show:
"1.03 05 cxd4 Nxd4 Nc6 Bb5" This means that:
ChessGenius is winning by 1.03 pawns. Search depth = 5, and line of moves. ChessGenius is planning cxd4 and expects Nxd4 in reply etc
Opening book and database information

- Set-up position
Any legal position can be entered

- Take back and Step forward
Take back moves to start of game and Step forward to end of game. Easy take back with VCR type controls or double clicking on any move in move record

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